Driver cure/error with installation

i tried to install the "driver cure" with no success so i decided to not try again but every time i start my computer a box appears saying "there appears to be an error with your installation.please install the application". i do not want the application.
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  1. See if the program is listed in the Start, All Programs, Start Up menu.

    Or press Ctrl Alt Del and see which apps are running and then try to track down the problem file and zap it.

    If the issue is in the Registry -- get a program like EasyCleaner which will both zap programs that trying to Start Up automatically and will (hopefully) clear the egistry of strays and delete stray files left over from the aborted install.

    Ultimately if all this fails you are down to either running the full install of the problem program and then uninstalling it formally OR weeding out the Registry by hand (not for the faint hearted).
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