Modem E1552 - No voice with VB Application


In my system, I need to use this modem in this two mode : Data and Voice.
For the Data part, no problems.
But for the voice part, I have no sound.
To call someone, I use AT commands in a VB.NET application.
The communication are OK. I receive or i can send a call, but no sound pass beetween the two parts.
Of course, with AT commands, I change the sound and don't put in HP mode :
If I use Mobile Partner application, The voice are up. If I compare the AT log with mine, the two applications send the same commands.
I think the voice data are not transmit to the audio systems(HP, microphone)

Excuse me for my bad english.

Thanks to help me !
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  1. Yes you need to encode the audio in PCM wav at 8kHz and 8bit and send it using the write() call. But how did you get the AT log of Mobile Partner ?
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