Windows 7 cheap for students??

so i know if your a college student you can get windows 7 for $30 right? well my sister is just going into college but she already bought a laptop with windows 7 on it... so would she be able to buy it for me for $30 bucks then i would put it on my new computer that im building or can i not do that?? and i have also heard that its just an "upgrade" which means i need some sort of OS system before i can use that.. is that true or no? i dont wanna spend a lot of money for the operating system i have already spent a lot on the computer hah. oh and if i could do that how would we do that? idk where to buy it at for the discount?? so thanks!!!
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  1. Oh and i have also heard that once the school year is over i have to uninstall it.. is that true to? do they really monitor that??
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