can messing with memory timings hurt pc

ive got a 512 corsair 3200 stick and i want to change the memory timings. can i do anything bad to my comp if i change them and what do u recommend i chagne them to

Intel PIV 2.4C @ 3.0G \
Asus P4C800 \
Corsair 2x512 3200LL memory \
Radeon 9600pro @ 500/700/1.35 \
SB Live 5.1 \
80G Seagate S-ATA150 \
430 Antec 1080AMG
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  1. Change them, and go into Windows, then Run any Benchmark such as 3Dmark, SiSoft Sandra, Super PI, memTest86 or whatever..
    if it can complete the test succefully, then just leave it, otherwise, change them back
    it does NOT hurt to TRY
    of if u want, by adding Voltage, you can run them with faster speed
    I got a Crucial/Micron RAM, which rated at 2.5/3/3/6, I could run them at 2.5/2/2/5 at default voltage without any problem, and by adding 0.1 Volt, I can run it perfectly at 2/2/2/5
    since Corsair is a great manufacturer of making ram as we all know, you shouldn't have any problem to run it faster
  2. What's the default memory voltage of your mobo? My ABIT NF7 v2.0 runs memory at 2.6v (default) instead of 2.5v

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  3. well, I don't really "know" the default, I think it should be 2.5, cuz the option in Bios are: Auto, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8
    by setting it to 2.6, I can run it at CL2, but not with Auto
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