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Did I completely get rid of this virus?

What happened is that my friend installed some game on my computer when I wasn't looking, it finished installing and my firewall was knocked out, and my GPU was locked at 100% usage. I immediatly uninstalled the game and ran a full scan of microsoft security essentials but it didn't pick anything up and the problems were still there. So i restored a backup from 2 days ago and everything went back to normal. My ideal GPU usage went back to 0, and my firewall was up and running again.

I'm still nervous though, did I completly get rid of the virus, or could it still be sitting somewhere in my computer?
Also my GPU is only a few days old and since this happened it runs about 2C hotter than it used to, did having it running at full power for that hour or so just break it in?
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    Download and update this,then run a full scan to see if you are all clear.

    Don't uninstall it's a great app.

    When you install don't select trial.
  2. Alright, I used to use malwarebytes but haven't put it on this computer yet, I will try that and see if it picks anything up.
  3. So I ran a quick scan and it found 8 files all from PUP.FunMoods, which I remember acidently downloading along with something else about a month ago, can't remember what I downloaded it with though. I'm going to run a full scan sooner than later, then probably again in safe mode in the next couple of days and see if anything else pops up. Thanks again for reminding me of this program.
  4. PUP.FunMoods < not real bad but remove
  5. Malwarebytes works better when not used in safe mode.
  6. Oh ok then, guess I'll save myself the time and not do it in safemode then.
    If it doesn't pick anything else up when I do a full scan is it possible that whatever I got today was erased during the windows restore?
  7. The backup you restored - was this from a known 'good' image (using e.g. acronis or ghost)? or did you use Windows Restore?
    Do you have other drives connected? - you will want to check these out also.

    - do the usual i.e. full computer scans using a range of tools (e.g. rootkit, antivirus, malewarebytes, spybot, security essentials, etc, etc) of all storage devices for extra peace of mind.
  8. I would say your in the clear.
  9. I think, if I remember, windows restore only protects certain critical OS areas - i.e. some areas will remain untouched. This is why imaging software is better.

    ....but, yes, +1 as above, you're probably ok now.
  10. If Security Essentials or Malewarbytes doesn't detect anything i think you will be ok.
  11. Malewarbytes < Keep this updated and run it if you see issues cropping up.
  12. Alright will do thanks again man.
  13. Your welcome.
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