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Okay, I was fixing my grandfathers computer, and he was having a bunch of DLL/EXE etc. errors. I decided to just save what I could and do a format/restore of the OS and get him started from scratch. Anyway, once I loaded my Windows 2000 CD, went through the format process and it got to the "Detecting devices" window I got a hardware malfunction error. It says to call the hardware vendor for support and that the system has halted. I wasn't sure why it suddenly gave this error, since I didn't do anything inside the case.

I've tried installing XP professional and it won't get past the "starting windows" blue screen dialog prior to giving partition options, install windows, etc.

Can anyone offer some ideas to the problem?
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  1. Try reseating all the components. If that doesnt work drop to a basic setup:cpu, 1 stick memory, 1 hard drive, video card if no onboard. Try reinstalling windows and then add components one at a time once windows is up and running.
  2. Make sure that you do not have the hard drive on a third party controller such as a DAC960 Raid. If you do, make sure that you supply the driver during setup (push f6 I believe to install any third party drivers.)
  3. heh & be sure that the floppy drive works. MS does not seem to support any other media. I started a build on my wife's machine from a USB drive & I needed the drivers for her RAID controller. No floppy drive. =/

    Had to dig deep in the junk boxes to find one! =)
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