Roomba + Metal Storm = ???

What happens when you combine a Roomba vacuum cleaner with an Australian Robotics Weapons manufacturer?

If you answered Mobile Death you might win a position to serve our new robotic overlords!!

You too can sleep soundly knowing that a heavily armored robotic mobile infantry unit is rolling down your streets. Capable of firing over 4,000 rounds a minute in a jamless multiple barrel design. Oh and it doesn't fire bullets it fires grenades, it never misses, never sleeps, and never ever feels remorse for the unstoppable death it hands out.

Tony Stark once said "The best weapon is one you fire once"

Well your vacuum cleaner and some crazy Aussies said "F that the best weapon is one that knows no fear"
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  1. linky?
  2. Im a dummy and lost the link but heres a very quick blip about it and live footage of the unit in action
  3. Religion will do that to you ... prayer and drooling ... basically the same result from a functional perspective.
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