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memory questions help !!

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November 3, 2003 10:18:58 PM

hey, i have 2 questions, pls help thx
1) if i have a 512mb pc-2700 stick (or pc-3200), at CL 2.5 running on a pc-2100 mobo, is it possible that i set the timings to CL2 such as 2-2-2-6 (or any timings lower than CL 2.5, please suggest) that will run stably and safely without damaging the ram and the computer?

2) would 1gb of pc-2100 CL2.5 generic ram have better performance or 512mb of brand name (ocz or kingston) pc-2700 or pc-3200 ram with CL2 running at pc-2100 speed have better performance?
thx for help

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November 4, 2003 6:29:52 PM

do i need to increase the voltage if i lower the timings even if the ram is underclocked to ddr266 from ddr333/400?

and how do i increase the voltage?