Cleaning a heatsink

I have a heatsink I need to clean the paste off of. Is there a certain way I should do this, or can I just wipe it off?

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  1. i just wipe it off with a dry rag to get the majorty of "gunk" off. Then i clean whats remaining with an alcohol or acetone dampened cloth.

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  2. Use rubbing alcohol and a very soft cloth. You dont want to use anything that could scuff the surface or leave a residue behind.
  3. I remove the fan and use water. Dishwashing detergent and warm water are perfect for it.

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  4. Use petrol (gasoline in the US), its really cheap and close enough to any alcohol to make no difference.

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  5. I use dynamite to blow the compound off of the heatsink. Then I use methly ethly ketone to give myself cancer. :tongue:

    J/K...denatured ethyl alcohol loves electronics and heatsinks.

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  6. So extreme, it just might work!
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