Mac spaces on Windows 7?

Hi I have been looking around for a Windows altern eative to mac spaces. I hate everything about the mac os except for spaces. LOL :D . All I've been able to find are ones that you have to use keyboard shortcuts for, when I really want one that takes advantage of touchpad control. If there is not anything out there like this is there a program that will allow me to record a touchpad gesture and set it to a set of keys (imitating gesture support). thank you for your responces
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  2. Hmmm. Alt + Tab and Windows + Tab have always worked well enough for me so I haven't bothered to look into a spaces-esque program for Windows.

    But I do know that Dexpot does exactly what you want.

    Lemme do a little more research to see if there is a program which converts touchpad/mouse gestures into key sequences.
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