Need driver for bluetooth dongle on win7

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I know there are some threads like this but they have no solution. So i opened this new thread.
I have a bluetooth dongle with no brand and it did not came with any soft. Windows 7 recognizes it and can run it but not all the time. It works good sometimes and sometimes it just don't work. I think it's driver causing this. Windows shows it all the time when i try to do like sending a file it just shows connecting . . . . . . I searched for driver with no luck. I found some driver for some brand dongles like gigabyte etc did not found a straight usb bluetooth driver. Can any one post a link for some driver or a website i can find it.
[my english could be bad but this is not my mother tongue :-) ]
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  1. Without knowing the manufacturer, it is difficult to recommend a driver other than the generic one included in Windows 7. You could try looking closely at images of other bluetooth dongles and matching up yours to one of the name brands; I wouldn't be surprised if yours came from the same factory as some of those from brand names.
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    You can get a bluetooth adapter that will work

    No name, with issues, not worth trying to find a fix.
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  4. Hi,
    thanks hang_the_9 for that bluetooth dongle link. its fantastic. my non branded dongle costed me 3 bucks more. am not going to buy anything from that shop again.
    thanks .
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