Windows 7 not loading via start up (boot from DVD)

Hey guys, I need some help. Just installed my new rig and trying to get Windows 7 on it. I'm using an Upgrade DVD from Acer 64-Bit, and trying to boot from the CD-ROM setting in BIOS or boot mode. I am unable to get past the "Starting Windows 7" screen with the logo. It just freezes there or loads and goes to a black screen. I don't have other OS DVD/CDs to try out other than the old Windows 7 RC I had a while back. That wouldn't load either. Now I tried to use a different DVD-ROM and it wouldn't load either. What could be the problem? Appreciate the help.
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  1. sorry for double post of problem, another thread was recently made with a different thread title so didn't read. but yeah please refer to...
  2. the Acer disk is hardware specific, it's looking for stuff that isn't there, get a retail version
  3. Hello nyczwillz,
    Have you tried installing Windows 7 with USB Flash Drive?
    You can download the USB tool for free and copy your Windows 7 ISO to the USB. Complete instructions can be found here:

    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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