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I am currently trying to install a Maxtor Diamond Plus 9 Hard Drive using SATA but for some reason every time I try to install Windows, Windows tells me that it cannot find any hard disks. However, I know the hard drive is working because on load up the Raid Utility recognizes the hard drive. I think this might be a driver issue, does anyone have any idea where I can find the driver. I've looked on Maxtor's website but they don't have one to download.
My System:
Asus A7N8X Deluxe
AMD 3000XP
Windows XP Profesional with Service Pack 1
Gainward FX5900 video card
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  1. The BIOS is version 2.0 C1007 -- i just updated to this a couple of hours ago
  2. When you start to boot off the XP CD, you'll see a prompt "hit tab key to install third party SCSI driver" or something similar. Do it!

    But you'll need that driver on a floppy. Asus should have included a floppy with the driver, if not you'll have to extract the driver to a floppy from the motherboard CD before you proceed.

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