Need Help 2gbyte+ system memory

I just finished putting my computer together. Everything seems to be great except I got this message using sisoft sandra :

"Large memory systems (1GB or greater) should use Registered/Buffered memory, especially if more than 2 are installed on the same channel. This improves signal quality by reducing the load on the chipset channel. While these modules add an extra clock delay due to the on-board buffers (thus CL2 effectively becomes CL3), the stability will be worth it. Server chipsets with many memory slots generally require Registered memory."

I then got a similiar msg saying I should be using ECC/parity memory as well.

For now I have installed 2 , TwinX1024-3200LL units. (512MB x 4). With the warning I got above I decided maybe I should have bought the Twinx1024RE units. Same basic modules except they are reg. and ECC. Then I notice on the Asus P4C800-E manual this information :

....4GB system memory using 184-pin Unbuffered ECC or Non-ECC PC3200.....PC2100 DDR DIMMs....

If I understand this correctly I can use ECC but not if its buffered. I also am under the assumption that Buffered = Registered. Something that I never knew before.

Sorry for so much background story but the question I cant figure out is
1) Do I just ignore the "tip" from sisoft
2) Should I go and try to find some ECC ram thats Unbuffered solving half of the complaint from sisoft
3) Should I find a new M/B that will allow ECC/Reg memory?

The computer is used primarly as a HTPC.
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  1. I'd ignore the warning as long as your system is stable.

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