Recording from cassette to laptop setup

All I get is files with feedback when trying to record into Sound Forge 10.. Can you help?
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  1. How are you doing it? The simplest way would be to connect the headphone jack of the cassette player to the microphone or line in jack of your computer.
  2. I realise this is a little late, but for what it's worth...
    RCA or headphone output of cassette to mic input of laptop is not ideal - for a start, you would need a stereo mic input (not standard for a lot of laptops), and the levels would need adjusting to get it just right.
    A better way to do this (if you don't have a stereo input into the laptop) would be to get a USB interface - there are loads around, just make sure they are stereo (the cheap ones from eBay are mono). If using a PC, then the line in (blue) would be the right input - you will still need to be careful with the levels though...
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