How to find out what type of Windows memory diagnostics test was done.

I am wondering how to find out what type of Windows memory diagnostics test was chosen . I know that the results are psoted in windows event log but i dont know which number or line corresponds to what type of test was used (standard , default or extended) . i dont remember what type ive chosen and i really would like to know how to determine it by files in event log .
Would really appreciate help.
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  1. I think memtest86+ does a better job than the windows memory test.
  2. I know about memtest. But still i would like to know what preset ive used . There must be some way to get to know it ...
  3. And by the way, which test to choose in mentest ? AFAIK there are 1-9 tests ...
  4. I haven't used windows memory test, but in the even viewer, did it provide more information under the "advanced" tab"?
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    The default for memtest is to allow it to run all tests which is normally what you want it to do. Just because it passes one doesn't mean it will pass them all. Normally you want to let it go for at least 3 passes. normally, I just let it run overnight and check the results in the morning.
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