Future of Wireless Infrastructure?

I was wondering what your thoughts are on the future of wireless infrastructure. How are carriers going to deal with the large amounts of data being transferred and the subsequent lack of bandwidth and spectrum? Femtocells seem like a short-term solution. What are the long-term ones?
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  1. 4G, Whitespace, Pico Cells, Wi-Fi, Super Wi-Fi: What Do They Mean to Today’s Tower Company? http://www.agl-mag.com/events/SanFrancisco.html
    As the wireless world hurtles toward the high-speed data future, there will be a dramatic increase in the number and types of antenna/tower sites required. How can carriers and tower owners meet the demand? Distributed antenna systems (DAS) will play an ever increasing role. What are the challenges and opportunities in deploying DAS? And how can carriers and tower operators meet the backhaul capabilities required by a staggering increase in digital traffic? These issues will be addressed in depth by a distinguished panel of industry experts.

    Don Bishop, Executive Editor, AGL magazine (moderator)
    Ted Abrams, Abrams Wireless
    Matt Johnson, Lyle
    Brian Allen, TowerCo
  2. I think satelite technolgy will b more popular to normal endusers
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