How to create a txt file

Hello,I'm trying to send a .txt or an ASCII format file. I'm on Windows 7 and in the "save as" options there is no ASCII or .txt option.
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  1. What exact program are you trying to "Save as " a text document?

    If you right click on an empty space on the desktop - select "New" and then find "Text Document" you will be able to save a file as a text document.
  2. Right click your mouse and hover over New and select Text Document
  3. What Word Processor are you using?
  4. below were you put the title of the document click the drop down and select all file types.

    you may want to unhide "known file extentions" so that you can save the file with a .txt file extention

    how to unhide file extentions
    open a folder > press alt > tools > folder options >view> about 10 or so down un check hide extentions for know file types.
  5. Saving a file as .txt does not mean it will be saved as a text file. We need to know what program is being used. If there is no "Save As..." or "Export" option, another may be to print to a text file.
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