raid a good upgrade?

first off i like to get the best preformance for my money... or i try:D, so i was wondering if geting a raid system in my computer would be worth the money for the preformance boost.
im currently running,
K7s5a mobo
1GB 2100 ram,
2400 XP
one 40GB ata100 harddrive,

if i get the Adaptec Scsi Card 1200 ATA Raid controler card and another 40GB ata100 hardrive, then set them up in raid 0, for just over $150 canadian would that be worth it? or would i be better off buything somthing else. I use the system for video editing, gameing, music, image editing.

THanks for the Help!

Poor mans surround sound all the way!
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  1. Buy a better sound card and good set of speakers. You will get alot more out of them.

    It's not what they tell you, its what they don't tell you!
  2. Well, I can hardly tell you how much your money is worth to you. But I'd say you'd gain almost as much performance by just buying a new harddisk (separate your system files from temp files from data files from video projects etc)

    Another thing, you mention a Adaptec SCSI blah ATA RAID controller. Its either SCSI or ATA, not both. You need an ATA controller, not SCSI. (well I don't know this adaptec thing, but if its both scsi and ata you'd better look for something cheaper)

    yet another thing, a 40GB drive is only a little cheaper than a larger drive. Newer (and larger) drives are also faster. So if you're going to RAID I suggest you buy 2 new fast drives and use your current as backup.

    And yet another another thing (the final one): if you're going to implement Raid 0 (for performance) you should realise that you make your system very vulnerable to hdd crashes.
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