Windows 7 Cannot Boot after Hard Shut-Down

Yesterday, I turned off my computer's power after it seemed to have frozen without response while running Ubisoft Uplay, which I recently re-downloaded. After turning my computer back on, Windows performed a Startup Repair, restarted, and resumed Startup Repair twice for a total of three repairs. When trying to boot Windows normally, I get a black screen with a movable cursor. After several minutes, Windows displays the login screen; however, after typing my password in, the computer hangs on 'Welcome' and eventually returns to a black screen.

I have tried all of the repair options shown by pressing 'F8', but to no avail:

When I run Startup Repair now, no problem is detected and the program exits. I have only one System Restore point, apparently created right before reinstalling Ubisoft Uplay; however, trying to restore from this point produces an error message and System Restore cannot finish. I have also tried running bootrec.exe from the Command Prompt and have tried /FixBoot and /RebuildBcd after exporting the BCD (following the steps @, but despite the success messages, the same problem continues. I can boot in Safe Mode, but iexplore immediately crashes with an error message, preventing me from trying a Clean Boot.

I have plenty of important data on my hard drive, and want to avoid a total reinstall of Windows 7 at all costs. I have the original Windows 7 install disk, if that will help in any way. In case it matters, I am using a MacBook Pro with BootCamp, and have been using Windows 7 without problems for several months. I greatly appreciate any support or suggestions, and thank everyone in advance for their help! =)


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  1. Try the repair windows installation option from the Windows CD
  2. Have you got a backup of your important data?

    Why if you have a mac are you using Windows on it? Why not just get a cheaper better laptop with Windows and be done with it.

    You may have to reinstall windows.
  3. How do I do the 'repair windows installation option'? If I boot from the Windows 7 disk, I get a link to the same repair options as pressing F8 without the disk and an option to just "Install Windows."

    I don't have a backup of my important data since I don't have an external hard drive or any way to store it. I use Mac for design and for iOS programming, but Mac OS can't play most video games ;) . I would prefer not to reinstall Windows if there is any way to avoid it -- is there anything else I should try besides the repair windows installation option?

    Should I just follow the steps @ I want to make sure this is what you had in mind wiinippongamer.
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