ok. its like this.

I'm working with a 120GB Hard drive, devided in to 2 partitions, both NTFS, one for system (windows, program files ect.) and one for files (mp3's, videos, documents..)

3 hours ago i wanted to reblast my pc, it was working kind of slow and had too much stuff installed on it.. and it was time for a fresh start. i moved everything immportant to the second partition and rebooted from the windowsXP cdrom. i install the OS on partition one!

everything went great. windows was up and running in no time, and i even started installing my usual software on it.

while i was doing that, i went to my 2nd partition to see all the data is still intact, and it was. but wierd enough, there was an ntldr file there.

"ntldr?? why?? this is not the master partition? "
i thought to myself
"must be the remains from the old OS, better delete it"
and i deleted it!

of course when i rebooted windows didnt find the ntldr and wouldnt load.

ok, i thought, lets just go in the windows CDrom and use FixMBR,
did it, didnt work, so i tried, fixboot C:.
didnt work
Fixboot D:
didnt work

but not only did it not work!!
it made the D: drive (the 2nd partition where all my VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS are INACCASABLE!

i just hooked up an old 40g hard drive just to see if i can access the other hard drive, and i sure can access the first partition, but when i try to access the 2nd one, i get the old "the disk is not formatted, would you like to format now?" massage.

please help, i am about to kill myself soon if i don't get an answer. I'm sure the data is still there. its just a matter of restoring the boot record or something.



thank you.

~ forgive my stupid questions ~
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  1. <A HREF=";en-us;315233" target="_new">Microsoft knowledge base Q315233</A>
    Here is described how to restore the bootfiles (incl. ntldr)

    Appearently your bootpartition is not your system partition. Read <A HREF=";en-us;314470&Product=winxp" target="_new">Q314470</A> for info on this.
  2. ok, so my problem is this -

    i issued a "Fixboot" Command on a System Partition (which was NOT the boot partition)
    and now i can't access the data on the drive!

    ~ forgive my stupid questions ~
  3. Ok. Did you try to mount the drive?
    Is the version of XP you're running on now (I assume the 40GB drive) the same as where you issued the fixboot command?
    Is the 120GB drive connected to a (RAID/SCSI) controller or to the onboard controller? Did you do any major system updates (like a new mobo) since you retired the 40GB drive?
    Are you now able to read from the system partition on the 120GB drive and not the data partition or neither?

    If this all is ok the only solution I see is Norton Disk Doctor or Partition Magic.
  4. Dig about 20 feet underground and build a large metal shelter. That should get you away from those pesky EMI waves...

    I'd try running partition magic and/or norton disk doctor. Worse comes to worse, install dos and get a lot of floppies (unless you can find a CDRW driver) and backup your data.

    Damn Rambus.
  5. thank you all for your replies, but i'm afraid they weren't quick enough.

    eventualy i installed my other hard drive, and used a disk recovery tool to extract the data from the ruined partition.

    first i tried R-studio, which sucked ass, it took like, an hour to scan the drive, and then couldnt retreave all the files, and even the files it could retreave were unusable,

    so then i tried some small util called findntfs.exe
    which worked PERFECTLY.

    so i just copied the file to my smaller hard drive, then i unplugged it, and made my big hardisk Master again, then delted all partitioned and formated it completely...

    bla bla bla.. you get the point.

    problem solved.

    i think i'l be getting a DVD-R burner..
    the fact that all my data is more then 3gig is preventing me from making regular backups...

    thats no good..

    ~ forgive my stupid questions ~
  6. You could also get another 120Gb or so HDD for backups.

    o need to raid them, just copy stuff from the primary one to the secondary one each time u backup.

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    I know the way myself. :evil:
    Mr no integrity coward.</b>
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