How to schedule automatic login on Windows 7 with password?


I want to schedule automatic login on Windows 7 with username and password at a certain time. Here is the scenario, the user was logged in but then locked the computer overnight. He wants to schedule the computer to be logged back in Windows state automatically without touching the computer while the login step needs username and password. Can we do this and how?

Thank you for your help.
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  1. Why then even have a password and login? Just curious. If he wants it to auto login... Doesn't that pretty much defeat the purpose of having the security set up? I guess you could argue he would always be there at 7 AM. But what happens when traffic or unforeseen weather cause delays. Now it's unlocked and insecure.
  2. To clarify what I intended to do, my computer takes about 5 minutes to completely start up and log in to Windows. I don't want to wait for it to start up and then I have to put in password. I am sure I'll be at home at 5:40PM everyday since my work place is walking distance to my home. So, to save time and effort, I want to make my computer automatically logs in at a certain time.
  3. Honestly. Ive been doing a little research into this. Looks like it is possible. But well outside of my reach and it would require some custom programing etc. What i would do is look into why it's taking so long to boot / login. Perhaps you have multiple background apps starting/running on start up? Have you checked msconfig? Defragged, etc etc?
  4. Yes, I have some programs running on the background like Ad-aware, SpyBot search & destroy, Symantec, etc... which I don't want to disable. I saw a demonstration of a program that can schedule the login stuff on youtube but I can't find it anywhere to download.
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