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Hi everyone!

I will be building a new system but since I have not being interested in computers for a very long time, I am really lost picking the right components. I have been looking at OCZ DDR PC-4200 Dual Channel 533Mhz CL 3-4-4-8 and it is cheaper than other low latency OCZ models although it is faster (533mhz). How important the CAS is? For example enhanced latency OCZ EL PC-3700 dual channel memory is more money. Is the CAS timings noticable in real life or even the 533mhz is necessary? I am thinking to buy the ASUS P4C800-E DELUXE with P4 2.8Cghz 800mhz (btw, I was told to get the one starts with "C") My friend who will overlock my computer tells me these things :) Please explain some details for me. I want to buy the parts very soon :)

System will be

Intel P4 2.8Cghz 800mhz
1GB Dual Channel DDR (no less than 433mhz) OCZ maybe GEIL (any other recommendations?)
ATI by Sapphire 9800XT 256mb (is it really important to buy Sapphire vs. original ATI?)
WD Raptor 36.9GB 10Krpm

P.S. Of course I am open to ALL suggestions. Please tell me if I am doing a wrong match. BTW, I will be using some serious music applications and playing games. I would say both would be 50/50.

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  1. Are you OCing this baby?
  2. Yes, I will OC it but not to the max.
  3. I hate to ask this but which OCZ model? They have couple models with PC4000. If you are talking about the EL or Gold series PC4000, that is over my budget. $275 is the most I want to spend. Thanks.
  4. Hi Celo.. I just purchased and put together the same exact system you described and generally have been very happy with it as it was my first build.I too did extensive research on most all the important areas such as COU;memory;motherboard;and graphics card.after reading what I culd on the sites under memory vs mobos I then wrote to ASUS and they only could recommend either KIngston;Corsair; or Mushkin and some other maker maybe OCE. I opted for the CorsairXMS TwinX dual channel PC3200. It worked perfectly without one single glitch and am overclocking a bit (2.8GHZ @800FSB to over 3 GHZ with no problems at all.Very smooth.One site showed the overall statisitcs graphs and the Kingston and Mushkin were rated a litle bit better. Generally this motherboard has consistently gotten good reviews with all different makers of memory.This Corsair memory is the platinum and is very excellnet quality.
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