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Ever since upgrading my GPU from a HD4870 to an 6870 a year ago I've been plagued with problems of Skype crashing my games and sometimes my entire PC. Its gotten a bit better since I updated everything I possibly could but it's still a major annoyance that I can't seem to fix no matter how much I try to troubleshoot it on my own.

Skype runs fine all by itself, zero problems there. However, when you start up a game (any game, its has no prejudices towards any particular one) it WILL eventually crash, causing the game to crash along with it and force a reboot since the entire desktop will be bugged out with graphic glitches. Anything open during the crash will also crash and burn, like web browsers, and they can't be opened again until the PC is rebooted.

So far I've had crashes on Diablo III, Minecraft (BSOD that actually ruined a world since I was running a hamachi server), Left4Dead 1 and 2, and most recently Borderlands.

I also used to get hard freezes when watching Youtube videos, but that stopped occurring once I disabled all Hardware Acceleration in Adobe Flash. I've looked into the Event Log and saw a bunch of errors but its all along the line of "Skype stopped working" and doesn't seem to really give any pertinent info as to WHY it crashed my system.

Also, this never happened with my older GPU but I'm reluctant to put it back in due to how much faster the 6870 is. I've gotten to the point where I'm tempted to buy a 7000 series card but am afraid it won't actually fix the problem.

On a side note, none of my friends have this problem when playing together and they're all running Windows 7, I actually built gaming PCs for two of them and they've never had Skype crash on them.

Any help, tips, ANYTHING would be appreciated since I'm sick and tired of dealing with this.
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  1. From your description it looks like a gpu is faulty rather than skype causing any problems.

    Does the problem exist when you turn off skype?
  2. Bejusek said:
    From your description it looks like a gpu is faulty rather than skype causing any problems.

    Does the problem exist when you turn off skype?

    It doesn't, I can play games for hours without any hiccups or crashes when Skype is off. I think it's the card as well, just wanted to get some more opinions before taking the plunge and buying a new card.
  3. Skype can be a bitch. On my system it prevented returning from suspended state. I waited 1,5 year for it to be fixed.

    In your case it may be a similar situation - my only advice is to install the newest skype beta and hope it won't crash anymore.

    Btw. imho ever since M$ took skype over its getting worse and worse, time to look for an alternative.
  4. Did you use driver sweeper when you upgraded the card? Might be an old driver conflicting, and update the sound driver as skype is sound?
  5. Quite Skype when you play games...
  6. RussK1 said:
    Quite Skype when you play games...

    Agreed...why would you want to use skype period?
  7. Logitech Vid HD is a good alternative, but I have to admit I use Skype regularly (mostly due to important family members won't make a switch and the sharing).
  8. DarkOutlaw said:
    Agreed...why would you want to use skype period?

    Skype is easy, it's free and my less technically inclined friends that I play games with can usually use it just fine. Plus my extended family uses it. I've found most in-game voip services to be pretty crap and I use it primarily to communicate with friends in multiplayer games and like I said they've had zero issues with it, I'm the odd one out.

    I have done a clean install of the card, used Driver sweeper to wipe all AMD related stuff from my system and installed from scratch. This made crashes less frequent (as in, takes about 45 minutes to an hour+ instead of 15 minutes).

    My audio also comes from the GPU since I don't have a dedicated soundcard and I've checked and checked again for any conflicting sound drivers but found nothing but the AMD ones.

    I'll give the latest Skype beta a try, may check out Logitech vid as well, had it before but deleted it since I never used it.

    I looked into Mumble a bit but it doesn't look to be user friendly and certain games have issues with the overlay it uses.
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  10. DarkOutlaw said:

    That's one I was trying to remember... for some reason "vent" kept coming to my mind. :whistle:
  11. Forgot all about Vent, trying to setup a private server now...wish it wasn't such a hassle.

    Edit: Apparently it was a software issue with Skype since so far Ventrilo has worked flawlessly. Thanks for all the feedback guys, you just saved me over $200!
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