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Last response: in Video Games
January 11, 2002 5:33:09 PM

hey guys..this might seems stupid... but i just need to know because UT online is getting me frustrated...
how to choose a good UT server? fast...and with a good gameplay?without having those delays in the actual action and events...
is ping the secret?
thanks guys!

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January 11, 2002 8:13:37 PM

Yes, ping is the important factor in getting a server that's not too laggy. But make sure you check the processor and ensure it's not too slow.

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January 11, 2002 8:56:31 PM

processor?... what processor?
the server's?
and how many ping are we talking here for a server to be good?like 200?? 149????
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January 11, 2002 9:31:30 PM

Yes, the server's processor. Maybe UT doesn't display that, I haven't played it online much.

What kind of internet connection do you have? The lowest ping I've ever seen is 2.

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January 11, 2002 11:30:19 PM

i just installed the road-runner cable-modem connection,
getting aroung 300KBps download tops at good sites
isn't it enough? like hello? why is UT slow online?
i don't get it...
January 12, 2002 11:45:23 PM

I'm not a UT player but it depends on your ping to the server, you need around the low 200's for decent play. For a broadband connection you shouldn't settle for anything over 150. Keep trying new servers, when you find a decent one put it in your favorites list. You should have a list of 10 servers with decent pings.

Sometimes during peak hours many servers will bog down, so dont be discouraged if your getting some horrible lag, everyone else is too.

Last but not least is your system. If your getting any slowdown on single player then you need to crank down your settings a bit.

Good Luck

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January 13, 2002 12:40:55 AM

this might sound a bit stupid, but how could i know what is my ping to the server?
all i get is a list of players on a server and there ping, all kinds of actually, from 200 to some around 50's...
so how could i know
January 13, 2002 2:35:07 AM

Do you want the short version or long? hehehe

Well, to start off you want an *ss kicking computer. I have an XP1800, KR7A mobo, gf2Ultra which is just about as fast as a gf3 playing UT. And I use Win98 and have DSL.

My computer is so freaking fast, it's to fast in single play and need the Internet to slow it down. I'm saying my computer plays better on line. Delay what is that? I know what it is, you shouldn't have it. What kind of computer do you have?

How I choose a good server. I go for the lowest ping boards first. I'll click on and if I see the players and a picture of the board right away, then chances of getting in that game quick are real good and my play too. Unless it's a board that has to be downloaded. But if it's not a board that has to be downloaded and it doesn't pop up right away I'll wait a couple seconds and see how fast it loads the game. If it goes 1,2,3,4 real slow or and keeps loading different stuff, I get out of that game. Chance are I might get my *ss kick.

My ping is around 50 and is usually the lowest or close to the lowest in the board. I think cable tends to be higher. Where cable is shared and the time of day could affect it.

Now even if I have the lowest ping and have no delay I can still get beat. I simple just find another board to dominate. And then there are days my DSL just sucks and I get my butt whip and with in a few days it's back to kicking butt. Also I could be kicking butt and be God, then someone els jumps on and steals my ping or something then I suck.

If you need anymore info. check out my UT web sight. O that's right I don't have one.haha

Hay what can I tell you UT is my game and is the reason I started building mean machines.

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January 13, 2002 3:51:01 AM

you think your machine is complicated?, well think again. take a look at my baby.. XP1900+ , 512DDR2100 , radeon8500 , RAID , fsb: 141MHZ ,(but cpu overheats sometimes... damn thing!)
UT loads in less than a couple of seconds, and gives me around 260fps!, oh yeah... sweet!
but when i go online... @$@$@$#@ always get my ass kicked!
how do you know what ping you have?
i have a cable-modem connection, about 300KBps at good sites! more than enough i think
but still, just can't hit anyone online, i always seem to hit just next to him ,although my cursor is right on him...
maybe i am not choosing servers right.
January 13, 2002 1:32:17 PM

Hay don't pick on my system, my water cooler will be in tomorrow and a new Maxtor HDD on the way. Waiting for the gf4. hahaha
Nice system!!! I'd just trade in the ATi card. hehe
What Windows are you using, WinXP isn't the greatest for gaming? Win98se is.
What about your ATi card do you have the right driver??
Because it comes down to how well your computer is set up, and how good you ISP is. Have you been to (DSLreports) you can test your cable speed and tweak it. My DSL is 1400D 120Up.

You know what kind of ping you have by pressing F1, while in a game. You will see yours and all theirs.
And when your looking for a game will she it in Ping and should see everybody in the game and their ping.
If you ping is 300 I'd say that is way to high. Mine is average of 50. Cable might be a little higher, but 300. Come to think of it I was at my girl friends and see has cable and her ping was about as long as mine. A lot of games under 100 ping.

I think you should see ping close to 100 and lower, 300 and I think something is wrong. How long have you been playing? And is your game smooth in single play?

Complicated Nit Picker
January 13, 2002 1:36:25 PM

By the way check out PCpitstop
it will test your computer and report to you any problems and even fix them for you if you would like. It will even check your cable.

Complicated Nit Picker
January 13, 2002 2:02:37 PM

sweet.... well actually i have been building systems since like i got the first PC!, ruined it in a week i think!
off-course i have the latest drivers, and i am using winXP, worst OS for gaming i know, but i just love it's stability, and i use it for a lot other stuff.. i just hate 98se, although it might give me higher fps... but oh well
UT in single player is smoother than ever... especially after i turned off v-sync on my radeon... damn you should see it to beleive it!
300KBPS i meant, download speed not ping, i still have no idea what my ping is!!!:) 
but i will report it to you as soon as i try it online..
you see UT is actually my game, and i remember first playing it when the original unreal was released, and now as s single player i play with godlike bots... just to enjoy competition! and speed...
January 13, 2002 2:48:12 PM

Roger that

Complicated Nit Picker
January 13, 2002 9:30:35 PM

Ok when you are playing online if you press F6 you get a set of info about your ping, netspeed etc

With a cable connection your netspeed can be alot higher than the default UT sets. Try increasing this value. 1000 should be more than enough although you could go higher. Open the console and type netspeed 1000 - for example.

Try to avoid playing on servers that are in distant far off lands ! I am a UK based player in my own Clan, we have a New Yorker (Cable modem) who plays for us and he pings at anything from around 120-250 he is still an excellent player, but his connection to the server is pretty terible.

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January 13, 2002 11:06:13 PM

i checked, my ping displays around 150~180
althought other players are around 50's and 60's
i will try this F6 thing and keep you updated.. thanks
January 24, 2002 5:23:09 AM

Your ping is going to be different depending on what server you are connected to. When you are in UT and you update your list of servers, you should sort them all by ping from lowest to the highest. Just click on "Ping" at the top of that column. This will sort them all out and you can then go down the list and enter the first server that has an open slot. This will ensure you get into the server with the best connection to you at any given time. I have RoadRunner cable as well and I have had pings in the 20-30 range. Also, I think you may be confused on an issue... there is no difference between a servers ping and yours. The ping number is the number of milliseconds it takes for a packet of information to travel from your computer, to the server, and back to your computer. So, whenever you see a server on your list, it's ping is specificly for you. That's why its takes a few seconds to bring up your server list when you update. Your computer is "pinging" all the servers so you can select the one with the best connection to you. Hope this helps.