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I am thinking about networking my house to share the verizon DSL line we have on one computer. I really haven't tried to network before so I am a newbie to this, but I believe I need to purchase a router to split the signal as it comes from the modem? I might not have been descriptive enough earlier. I have one modem and only one IP address is allowed on the account. I need to know how to set up about 4 connections if possible. Any insight as to what steps I might take will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Technically you don't have to buy a cable/dsl router. But IMHO it's a hell of a lot easier if you do. Just get yourself something like the Linksys BEFSR41 and a NIC for each PC, then follow the instructions that come with the Linksys. In most cases you won't even have to configure the Cable/DSL router. Except, if you use Verizon DSL you'll have to input your username and password for PPPoE (the thing you're now accomplishing with WinPoet). BTW - once you setup your router you can uninstall WinPoet.

    Good luck, and enjoy

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  2. I am also a newbie to networking. I tried a D-link router STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Not for newbies at all. I use the Linksys befsr41 it was a piece of cake to set up. The only problem I had was addressed by tech support on the first call. Tech support for linksys is 24/7 too. If you can read and follow instructions its the only way to go :)

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  3. I'm curious what problems with the d-link did you have which model ??I use a di-704 from them and it has worked flawlessly on my 2 systems for a month now and setup was accomplished in under 10 minutes


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