Aussies "Lose" Their X-Files

Just so happens all the Aussie X-Files are gone. What could they be hiding?

Also the man in the first picture on the link is without a doubt Macguyver.
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  1. Hmm, maybe Rep. Wiener could take notes, and lose his "seX" files :P.
  2. Our government could have lost them easily.

    We lost a Prime Minister once ... nobody really bothered much ... what with the sharks and such.

    We haven't lost Tasmania yet but it is probably on the cards one day.

    Easy come ...easy go.

    Our public service mirrors the British for sheer incompetence ... it can be frightening.

    I recall going to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Perth only a few years ago to pay for a car registration ... only to be told they didn't have EFTPOS or Credit Card facilities.

    I had to go to a machine and get cash out and come back onto the end of the line.


    I really wanted to leave some kind of poo on the front counter as a thank you but thought that lacked a bit of civility ... so I left my chewey there instead.

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