using ata133 drive on raid

Hi guys, i have a ata133 drive that only seems to run at 100 when connected to my mobos ide connections. to overcome this i think i need to plug the ata133 drive (as the boot drive) into my mobos raid connection. when i do this windows freezes on startup, do i need to reinstall windows and use a boot disk or something to use the raid drivers? do i need to set raid controller to ide mode in bios? do i need to use sata or pata mode in bios ide configuration? someone pls help a noob out :)

asus p4c800 deluxe
promise/fastrak raid something...
maxtor 60gb ata133 hdd
xp pro
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  1. It's not worth bothering with since your ATA133 drive is only around 1/2 that fast.

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