Wavecom WMOD2 GSM Wont connect to operator

I'm trying to send a sms message with a "Wavecom WMOD2 GSM Modem"

I have been using the AT commands below.

test msg <ctl-z>

but it returned an "ERROR" each time so I used AT+CMEE=1 to turn on error numbers and the error response was +CMS ERROR: 512
which means "CMS ERROR: 512 User abort" according to http://www.activexperts.com/xmstoolkit/sms/gsmerrorcodes/

I then used AT+CREG? which responds with +CREG: 0,2 , this seems to be the problem the "2" means not registered, ME currently searching a new operator to register to.

But why it all ways searching why does it not connect?

I have checked my signal with AT+CSQ and get a reply of +CSQ: 23,0 and from what I have read this is a good signal?

I have tested the sim-card in my phone and it works fine I can connect and send sms messages.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Did you ever solve this?

    We're having the exact same problem, no-one can help us and this is the only result i cant find on the internet
  2. Nope sorry, never managed to get this problem solved. The hardware just collecting dust now. please reply if you have any luck tho. Would be helpful.

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