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Does anybody know if you can disable autorun for flash drives for an entire computer? Basically, is there a way of disabling autorun on all flash drives (those USB keychain drives)?

my school doesnt let us use flash drives on the school computers under the pretense of preventing viruses. i was just wondering wether or not that excuse was legit... if they really couldnt disable autorun, then it would be a security issue beacuse a virus on a flash drive could autorun when the flash drive was plugged in.

anyone know?

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  1. Antivirus software is going to scan media as soon as it is seen by the os. Auto run is just a feature of xp to make accessing the media "easier". It can be disabled fairly easily but that would not prevent viruses on the drive from getting on the machine. The antivirus software on the computer would.
    Are floppies allowed? A flash drive is really no different from a floppy when it comes to viruses getting on computers. You could use that as an excuse :)
    If they are using norton av corprate edition on the comps there should be no prob, it does a damned good job of killing viruses. If they aren't usin that what are they using? I used to work for a school district so I'm sort of curious what av software other schools use.

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