SATA Hitachi, WD or Maxtor

Im about to buy a new computer
Abit IS7 or IC7-MAX3
p4 2,8 or P4 3,0
Readeon 9600XT

and I wanted some help whit which of these 4 Hard Disk that i should choose. Im going to buy 2 so i can use raid.

Western Digital Caviar WD2500JD (160 GB SATA)
Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 (160 GB SATA)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 (160 GB SATA)
Maxtor MaXLine Plus II (160 GB SATA)

1. I have heard that Seagate has the lowest sound but they are not as good as the other three. If so which one of the remaining three has the lowest sound? And do SATA sound more than ATA?

2. I have heard a lot about "deathstar" but at the test (i dont know so much about what the test results meant) that had been done at storagereview, Hitachi had the best test results. Or am i wrong?

3. Which one is your recomendation? If you own one of these, does it sound much?

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  1. See <A HREF="" target="_new"> this link</A> for a recent THG review. The winner was Hitachi, but only with a small margin. The IBM deskstar has had a lot of problems recently but appearently they have it under control now (btw any major brand has had its problems). Seagate was the quietest, followed by Maxtor. In my opinion they're all good.
  2. why do people still complain about 2 years old problem with IBM drives. Even though mine died after 2 years of hard working, I still am buying IBM drives caz they are the quickest out there. What is the problem with IBMs now? Old issues? Is that has to be mentioned each and every time some one opens a mouth to yack about IBM?

    Are you still telling your new employer at the interview about being late 2 years ago, but apperently you are timely person, so "just give me a chance"?

    What is the point of saying about IBM drives being bad 2 years ago? I just can't get that. WD has problems now, so what, no body complaining :(

    IBMs are simply the best - were and are and I think will be.

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  3. <""does it sound much?"">

    much of what?

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