How MSC will come to know


how MSC will come to know whether A party [cgpa] is prepaid customer or post paid customer?
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  1. I think you need to reword this to make some type of sence. What is MSC? And prepaid and postpaid kinda mean the same thing. Prepaid you paid in advance, post paid means someone after they paid.
  2. thanks...

    actually we have 2 types of billing in telecom,, one is prepaid customer & other is postpaid customer...

    if prepaid customer MSC will qury IN... if postpaid no IN qury will come for picture...

    so before quring to IN, MSC has to know whether he is prepaid customer or postpaid customer?
  3. I would think that's set in the records of the customer, how else can you find that out?
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