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OK, I want to get a silent PSU, but I don't want to spend $250 for a <A HREF="" target="_new">passive-cooled 350W</A>. I looked around and found a couple good candidates and I'm curious if any of you have an opinion one way or the other.

<b>Vantec ION 400</b>
Fan speed settings: Low, Medium, Auto (fans are temp controlled)
Output AC

<b>Silentmaxx ProSilence 420</b>
19-??db(A) (I couldn't find an acoustic upper limit)
No fan speed settings (fans are always temp controlled)
No output AC
Verax/Papst fans

I'm leaning toward the Vantec, but does anyone know what kind of fans it has? I would like to replace them with Verax/Papst if it doesn't already have them.

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  1. You know those $36 Fortron 350W power supplies at Newegg? I just got one, the 120mm fan is adjastable and extremely quiet even at it's highest speed.

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