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I'm considering the LGE 4040B and the Pioneer A06. I've been strongly leaning towards the LGE, although i have had 2 LGE CD burners die on me.

Anyway, i'm trying to decide if i should order the retail packages or not. It looks like the LGE comes with B's Recorder Gold 5, B's Clip, neoDVD, and PowerDVD from Cyberlink. The Pioneer comes with Pinnacle Studio 8 SE and Instant Copy 7.0. I know nothing about this type of software.

I'm considering buying the OEM version of the LGE and getting software separately if the sw included with the retail package isn't that great.

As always, thanks in advance!
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  1. Both drives cost about the same amount either way you go.
    I would recommend Nero6 Ultra Edition. Downloadable $70 Full, Downloadable Upgrade $50 or Downloadable Hacked Free. Just need to know where to look. Only draw back I have seen is you need to purchase plug-in's for certain tasks.
  2. If you have kEyGeN then it's free!

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  3. I'm a big fan of Nero. I even like the name.

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