Can't change default My Docs location - SSD/AHCI primary + HDD/IDE

Hello all,
I just built a new desktop, got a 60GB SSD to boot Windows7 (and maybe a couple applications) from, and a 1.5TB HDD for storage. I'm trying to change the default location of My Docs, Downloads, etc from the SSD to the HDD (maybe change the location of the whole User folder?) so that my SSD stays clean with just the necessities.

My problem is that I can't access the right-click menu that allows you to change the default location.

Note: When I first installed Windows 7, all of my SATA ports were in IDE mode. I was able to access the "change folder location" menu for My Docs, etc, at this time. I changed the SATA port with my SSD to AHCI mode, which really boosted the boot speed, but I couldn't access the menu anymore after that.

Anybody know what's up?

Thanks -
Stevie Wonders
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  1. I have a .pdf document that will covers how to move the /Users and /Program Data directories off the SSD to a HDD. If you want to pm me your email address, i will send it to you.
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