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Hello, a few pictures I've downloaded instead of picture ( JPEG ), shows a large red icon with the word DEMO and a 2 over it. Shows zero bytes and shows as a (.) type file. Opens with application launcher. This File cannot be fully deleted, as when deleted icon remains in folder and upon 2nd try to delete, cannot be found, yet icon is in recycle bin. Tried file shredder with same result advises afterwards picture delete, as in use. Scan with both Avast and Malwarebytes advise no threat, but how can one get rid of this type of icon, and what causes it? Thanks in advance, hopefully.
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  1. Running Win 7 Prof. 64 bit. with a Intel E8500 on a Gigabyte MB and a Nvidia GTX470 Driver version 6.17.12. 9610 if that helps
  2. try safe mode
  3. Thanks for advice but no luck in safe mode removing Red Icons, I get the same action notice once after I try either to delete or shred it the Red DEMO Icon with a large 2 imposed onto it, any further action or attempt to remove it advises "No longer located in C- at that pathway any longer, but the Icon still remains. This has happened at random as I've download pictures from various websites in the last few months, with even some of the JPEGS I downloaded from the set on the same site came out fine showing up as the JPEG I downloaded. As prior mentioned file type is shown as (.) and is opens with an application launcher. I run the pro versions of both Avast as well Malwarebytes, along with Windows Defender running scans nothing negative shows up, Goggling it produced no results, problem my folders are filling up with these Red Icons, thinking as both my Avast and Malwarebytes have real time protection, at same time I have no intent trying to open these Demo Icons, not knowing what they hold.
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