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how do i format and run a backup disc
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  1. Are you using a PC with a recovery partition or do you have the original Windows CD ?

    If oyu have the origianl cd - place it in the CD drive and then re-boot your PC. Your PC should start up from the CD and beging the installation process - one of the installation routines is to FORMAT the HDD
  2. Careful now....what do you want to do ?

    a) Make a backup of your existing Windows installation to a backup drive by formatting a new drive and backing it up to the new drive ?


    b) Wiping out your existing HD and starting over w/ a new installation of windows from a Windows DVD ?


    c) Restoring your computer to its original factory condition via a system restore disc
  3. if your disk that your formatting is not your primary partition, then you can format it through windows Disk Management (search 4 it in the start menu)
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