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I've 3 questions.
I read the raid FAQ but my question wasn't completely answered.
I'm about to build a new pc, the motherboard (asus K8V) supports raid 0,1,10 using 2 x storage - Serial ATA-150 - 7 pin Serial ATA
full spec is here
my question is if i buy only 1 drive now id i add a second drive later will the exisiting data be lost, or do i need to uses a 3rd drive as a backup.
is there a cost-size-performance ratio to keep in mind whe buying a drive ie the cost per GB.
can ide and sata raid be used together and if so can the boot sequence be changed or do you have to boot off the ide or sata-raid

thanks jc
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More about raid later
  1. For raid 0 you need 2 hard drives Striped 50% info on all drives per file " FAST performance but if one drive crashes or gets corupt files you loose some or ALL information !!
    For Raid o+1 you need 4 drives as to back up the storage IE raid 0=+1) 2 drives joined +2 drives For backup always being used the same time so you get speed and data security But who wants to buy 4 drives of the same type/size!$$$ You can use different drives but it will only use the size of the smallest drive ie 30gig + 40gig = 30 gig
    If for personal use get a scsi or raptor 10000 rpm If you have $$$ for 4 new drives
  2. thanks for your reply. from what I can see upgrading raid seems tedious in that the existing data is lost, i.e. from 1 disk to 2 disk raid 0 or 2 disk raid 0 to 4 disk raid 0. i too think raid 0+1 is a no go on the $$$ front, thats what dvd burners are for :-)

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