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hello, i am wondering if any problems should occur if i upgrade from windows xp to vista, then to 7. i am doing this because i want to upgrade from windows xp to 7 without losing my files, but i dont have a second harddrive. thanks.
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  1. There could be problems upgrading once but even more so twice. I'd suggest getting yourself an external harddrive, it would be safer and then you have an extra drive for backups anyway.
  2. but i dont need an external harddrive since my 1tb hd is enough, i have an empty partition of 300gb, which i wanted to put 7 on,but i heard it was hard to do that.
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    Its not hard, just select the empty partition when the setup asks you where to install win7.
  4. yeah, i just figured that out lol, i never knew it was that easy....
  5. Hope you enjoy win7 then
  6. Hm, i am encountering problems...such as my programs...i'll post another thread in the windows 7 forum and get some help.
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