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so are you saying, if i buy a phone off ebay, that i dont need an ESN to check if the phone has been reported lost/stolen... that as long as it sais the phone is unlocked, i can use it here in canada? ? just asking bc im thinking if purchasing a blackberry storm, and i see this unlocked thing everywheres... so im curious what it means...
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  1. Unlocked phone just means that it does not have any restrictions as to what network and provider it can be attached to. If the provider will activate the phone on their network is another story, and the phone has to have the tech inside it to connect to whatever service you want. It does not mean that the phone was not lost or stolen, just that the specific identifier that it belongs to Verizon or something has been removed.
  2. I would have to say so as well, but also add in that if you purchase a phone to say or even at the most dont and its "locked" you cant really use it.

    As for everything else said might be true, on the interest of just having a phone to use without a carrier, but still probably need to buy one through a carrier. Or a company in which sells phones to carriers.

    Otherwise it might be data "retained" against your interest of use. Other "contact" of carrier is of probably higher interest of the idea, even though they seem to drop phones they sell in about no time, but still offer multi-year contracts and renewbale without new phones as well.

    So, whichever may apply to say, but is though still the interest of use for it and the availible (can't spell?) interest in which to have a use with the phone.

    Smartphones offers interest of use without need of carrier is why i say.
  3. Phone unlocking mean you will have no restriction to use the phone anywhere and how this process work Arrange to buy unlocking codes over the internet. You send your phone's IMEI (=serial number), make and model number to someone and they send you back the codes specific to your handset
  4. Thanks for your Information..
  5. i am buying this Samsung Galaxy S3 New Unlock phone, can i use it in India with Indian sim card ?
  6. zhiva said:
    i am buying this Samsung Galaxy S3 New Unlock phone, can i use it in India with Indian sim card ?

    If it’s an unlocked phone, you can use it anywhere with any network.....
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