Win 7 boots stright to black screen with cursor

hello all, my appologize if this has been previously posted this is my first question and i didn't find a search option.

i like to say that i'm experienced with computers but I’m a Linux user and my friend, who needs help, has Windows 7 machine. Unfortunately I’m not as up to date with windows as i should be i suppose.

it's a dell (still waiting on the model number) and when it boots up you see the dell splash screen and then it boots to justa black screen with a cursor on it. I then booted it off of the windows 7 cd and tried the automatic repair system restore and the bootrec series (bootrec /fixmbr... /fix boot... /scanos ect) through the command prompt and nothing seems to work. although when in the command prompt i can see all of their file and even open the text files with notepad. this tells me it's a boot problem but i can 't fix it.

bootrec /scanos tells me it finds no windows but on the way to the comand prompt while in the gui it does see windows 7 and it also sees the restore points as well.

i'm not afraid to put the hard drive in my computer and work on it through linux but i wouldn't know what files to try to fix

Thanks in advanced!!!
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  1. Hi :)

    Specs ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. it's a Dell Inspiron 560, sorry i don't know the exact specs it's my friends computer and I’m doing this home cause of course I can't from his house. although i don't believe the exact specs should be needed for this problem. i know it's a windows 7 boot problem.

    the link below is a pdf of the inspiron 560 570 right from dells web site

    thanks again
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