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palm-mac sync gets "not enough free space to install"

Last response: in Cell Phones & Smartphones
August 3, 2004 7:02:16 PM

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When I sync my Palm with my Mac, the PDA ends up showing a dialog
titled "Out of Memory" with message "There is not enough free space to
install". There's no error shown on the Mac; the HotSync dialog just

What isn't getting installed, and how do I cure it?

The HotSync log on the PDA shows "OK" for everything it lists, and has
no errors shown. Things seem to be sync'd ok though I haven't
examined every bit of data. I'm new to Macs, but sync works fine with
my PCs for the same PDA (without an error dialog, that is)

Kit is:
Palm IIIxe with OS 3.5
-- 3396 KBytes free of 7936 KB (surely enough?)
Mac PB with OSX 10.3.4
iSync 1.4
Palm OSX Desktop 4.2.1
and fwiw Plucker OSX desktop

The PDA is in a serial cradle, connected via Palm's serial-to-USB
connector into the Mac's USB port. (This seems to work rather slowly
compared with the PC's direct serial.)

I realise my trusty IIIxe is a bit ancient, but so am I.
Any ideas for a cure will be welcome
August 5, 2004 7:44:38 AM

Archived from groups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot (More info?)

On 3 Aug 2004 15:02:16 -0700, Alan wrote:

> What isn't getting installed, and how do I cure it?

I know virtually nothing about Macs, but have seen similar error
messages on PCs when there was plenty of free space. One example -
when a program is installed in one location (for instance the D:
drive) and writes only to that location, the error message sometimes
indicates that another location has insufficient disk space - in
this case the default TEMP space or the virtual memory swap file,
both usually on the C: drive. When this is the cause, other
problems quickly surface, such as the inability to use the
computer's printer. Second cause: trying to write to a location
that doesn't exist, which can happen when a previously defined
subdirectory or folder name has been removed or renamed. There's a
third possibility but it's very unlikely to be the cause of your
problem, as it usually depended on programs using unsigned 16-bit
integers to store disk drive's remaining free space, and was most
prevalent when hard drives were much smaller, and Windows hadn't yet
reached 32-bit nirvana.

> Kit is:
> Palm IIIxe with OS 3.5
> -- 3396 KBytes free of 7936 KB (surely enough?)

Yes. I've used Palm IIIx's with less than 2% free space of the
original 8 MB. Your remaining free space is 57%. Should be no
problem, especially since you're able to hotsync with a PC. :)  Has
any software been installed on the Palm that added a conduit on the
PC (and something on the Palm that looks for it) that doesn't exist
on the Mac?