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Hey there,

I'm having an issue with my computer on boot at the moment, I have a G15 USB Keyboard and I've found out that the keyboard itself doesn't load up and start until I've reached the windows screen.

The main problem right now is that my computer went to sleep and wouldnt wake up, So as usual I manually turned off my computer. Usualy when I do this it will boot up normally and go straight to windows.

Now I'm getting stuck on "Windows Resume Loader" screen, giving me two options: "Continue with system resume" and "Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu" now usualy when I'd get such options there would be a 20 second countdown so I would just wait it out (Vista). But now on windows 7 they have made a serious flaw, who uses ps/2 keyboards anymore, I know I don't I threw mine out years ago.

Now my question is:
Is there a way around this without having to purchase a PS/2 Keyboard?
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  1. I don't think it's because you're using a USB keyboard; they should work properly (and even better) than PS/2 keyboards. You should check if the problem happens with another USB keyboard, and that you've updated your motherboard's chipset drivers.
  2. You should enable USB keyboard support in your BIOS using a PS/2 keyboard. Some motherboard requires this setting to be enabled so we can use USB keyboard at POST screen and such.
  3. the usb keyboard should work fine on the post screen, so you should be able to get into the bios without the need of a PS/2 Keyboard. once in the bios look for USB settings or USB options or something similar. the option that i need to enable on my motherboard is called USB legacy support. keyboard should work fine then
  4. Hi,
    Had the same problem with the Keyboard when I got stuck in W7 Resume Loader window and went in to BIOS as you suggested and changed the USB Keybord control from OS to BIOS where after I could use the keybord. Thanks a lot, last time I had the computer checked due to the same problem, it cost me 35€, now I could fix it fo free thank to you.
    BR A Flying Finn ;)
  5. first i wanna know if u have a ps/2 port in ur pc??
    the problem i solved it by a ps/2 to USB converter so i use my Usb Keyboard at the ps/2 port
    it's so easy and available at any computer accessories store and it's may be found with some USB mouse packages
    and be sure that is the only solution till now for this problem
    so if u don't have ps/2 port , that's a big problem :(
  7. I'm having the same problem, except my USB keyboard works perfectly fine in the BIOS. Once I get to the Windows Resume Loader, it stops working. Also, if I go into the boot selection screen or try to boot from a CD, the keyboard stops working at that time as well. I know the computer isn't freezing up, because the "Default boot in 60 seconds" timer still counts down and then continues to go to the Windows Resume Loader screen.

    I have legacy USB turned on, and I've played with all the USB settings in my BIOS. I do not have a PS/2 port on my computer, so I'm considering reflashing my BIOS with the CMOS jumper.
  8. What worked for me was setting the USB option in the BIOS to Legacy support.

    The system rebooted after I saved the new bios setting and when the option screen came to delete the restoration file, I was able to use my USB keyboard to select that for a normal reboot.
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