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Hi Guys,
This is my first time post in this forum. I just purchased a Sony 510 DVD burner and been having problems with it. I already trashed 4 DVD with this burner, it sometimes stops burning half way or finishes burning and the dvd, although the directories are visible the files are all screwed up. I have been able only to burn 2 full DVDs and about 3 other not more than 3GB, when I run a test and the info adds more than 3 gb it fails, I have to burn less than 3Gb to keep it safe. I already updated the firmware, reinstalled windows and keep having the problem. My dvds are generic, could that be a problem? Any ideas? please help. Sony customer service has not helped a bit. Thanks
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  1. You might check out or Both websites have groups for DVD Recordable...and I do remember reading a lot of posts about problems with this burner. Also..go to the Sony website and download the Test to see if your burner is defective. If it tests can either RMA it or if you are within 30 days of purchase...return for a new one.

  2. I have the OEM version of this drive (DWU14A) and it's been working like a charm. The type of media (brand) is certainly a factor. Another thing is what software you're using. I've read some bad experiences using NERO for example. I would check out forums. They've helped me alot!
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