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I've recently purchased 2 Sony Flat Panels and have managed to figure out how to set the screens to 1 & 2.. but is there anyway I can have a DVD movie going on in one monitor while I run a program in another, like a game? Battlefield.. Sims.. All I get right now when I try is Audio, wit hthe picture going black and the screen shrinking somewhat when I switch. Any help?
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  1. Make sure you have active desktop enabled. I have dual monitors and I was successfully able to run a game and a dvd movie on each monitor. I use powerDVD for the DVD. Maybe that will help. Start up the movie with your DVD movie software and move it to the other monitor, then maximize it, then start up the game on the other monitor (primary monitor).
  2. What video card are u using?
    I have no problem watching TV and gaming on other monitor. But, I can not switch game or TV while it is in full screen mode, I have to minimize it first, and occasionally when I switch tv or game, it shows up black with sound, but if I move it it comes back.

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