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Hey all,

I have purchased an ASUS Xonar DG a few months ago, and i am having some issues that (i think) cannot be hardware related, but also i cannot seem to figure out. I will try to describe the issue as clear as possible:

So when i'm playing music (i like to use iTunes because you can use the Windows 7 volume mixer slider and the volume slider in the program itself seperately) Problem is.. I cannot control iTunes's sound output/volume with the Windows 7 volume mixer, it is at 100% wether i mute it, or slide the slider all the way to 0% (unless i use the master slider, which i do not want since the rest of the sound is at a perfect level)
I would love to have a sollution for this problem as it is bugging me so bad, either i cannot use my sound card, or i cannot listen to music properly. I am aware i could use another music player, but again, i like the option of the seperate sliders which most of them don't have, and other music players that have that option are having the same issue that iTunes is having.

Here's a few things i've already tried:
Re-installing drivers
Installing drivers that came with the card
Installing updated drivers (from ASUS)
Installing further updated drivers (by a third party)
Disabling and Enabling on-board audio
Numerous audio devices (speakers, headsets Etc)

I would greatly appreaciate if anyone could as much as point out what my next step could be.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. I seem to have fixed the problem by doing this (for people who may have this issue)
    just set the ''wave'' as standard communication device (in the mic tab)
    Let the Standard device be whichever mic you want and whichever speakers you want (do not change this)
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