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My system restore won't open. The OS on my computer is windows 7. After installing winzip from the internet, some icons of some programs on my desktop has faded, and clicking them gives the message "choose the program you want to use to open this file." I tried to do a system restore, but it does not open when i click it, even in safe mode. i did a virus scan with my mcafee antivirus plus but it does not detect any issues and my malwarebytes antimalware icon is also faded and won't open. Please can anybody help me?
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  1. try just typing the command click start > type rstrui.exe and hit enter
  2. Said "Application not found"
  3. IMHO, you've been hit by some sophisticated malware that is preventing you from getting rid of it. Malwarebytes may be helpful if you have the paid version which comes with support. I have re-formatted in similar situations.
  4. I don't have the paid version of malwarebytes and the trial i installed isn't opening anymore. And I'm hard up now, after paying for hardware repairs couple of weeks earlier. Is reformatting the only option left? I got a system restore cd from my computer manufacturers, but the system never detects them.
  5. Try a driveby virus scanner. Just visit their website and get an online scan. I trust Kaspersky at the moment.




    Symantec Norton

    TrendMicro HouseCall

    If they don't help then its reformat time and when given the option to format in the setup go for a full format not quick. Quick only rewrites the Master Boot Record with a blank slate.

  6. Well...guys, i have able to restore my computer through "Restart> F8> safe mode with command prompt > typed rstrui.exe> enter". I see that my icons have returned to their correct states. But does it mean that i don't have any viruses, malware, or whatever on my computer anymore? How can be sure that my computer is fully safe now? Does system restore remove every infection?
  7. Still do a drive-by scan at more than one of the above (include kaspersky)

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