Best Buy: Maxtor 120gb 8mb 7200rpm, 50 bucks

I just saw the sale flyer for Best Buy's Thanksgiving Day Sale. They've got the Maxtor 120GB drives on sale for 49.99 after 2 mail in rebates. If you dont mind waiting 6 to 8 weeks to get your money back, this is a killer deal. The sale only lasts from 6am till noon in my area (Boston).
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  1. Wow, that is pretty nice, these are basically DiamondMax 9 drives with FDB, 8MB cache. Might pop down and get me a pair.

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  2. I saw that add, sweet deal! :wink:

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  3. Wow, they were selling like hot cakes. Glad I got down there at 6am. Managed to wangle a couple, hope they cough up the rebate.

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  4. Heres a rebate tip for you I learned the hard way, use separate addresses, names, and phone #s to apply for the second rebate, most all rebates only allow one rebate per customer, its in the fine print, so have one rebate sent to you, and the second sent to someone else, for you. That way you'll get your rebates. :wink:

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