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I have a ASUS A7V8X-8 Motherboard and I picked that up early last year. I have been running regular generic memory in it.
The stuff was good at 333MHz and that is the minimum the Motherboard will accept in PC2700. However 2 sticks of 512MB was giving me a wonderful 1024MB=1 Gig of system memory but the memory was not matched. It was the same type but not matched by the manufacturer.
Ok what I have looked into was getting a set of Matched Memory sticks from Corsair both DDR3200 operating at 400MHz that's the max my motherboard will run.

The problem comes in when you find out that the new Game RAM that Corsair makes is for DUAL channel motherboards because Corsair does not make a 1 Gig stick that is really affordable it gets quite expensive. They like to make two 512MB Units and bench test match them and sell them as a set. Since I can not apply them to a none dual channel motherboard I have gone another but just as successful route.
Kingston Ram is a well known provider of memory for many years in the industry and has provided the best in RAM.

They do provide 1 Gig sticks if you want them for regular motherboards.
I can also get two sticks of matched DDR 512MB unbuffered 3200, 400MHz memory.

The ones I got are the Kinston HYPER-X Gamers DDR RAMKHX3200/512 9905193-013.A01. 1266692-2.6V Fully Jacked Heat sinks they are blue anodized aluminium. The RAM sticks measure almost a quater inch accross wearing thier aluminum heat sinks. They actualy look very nice.

The Cosair stuff now has L.E.D's that run from green to red up and down the back of the heat sinks for those of you who want to use a clear plastic computer case like you water cooler nuts ;)

As we all know MADE IN THE USA. I used to run 1 Gig of PC 2700 @ 333 MHz and it was going like a well oiled jet but you should see how my system performs now on the PC3200 @ 400MHz its insane the Devil stopped by to cool off :) SCREEEEEEMING.

Since many of you wanting to upgrade memory for games in XP, you will find that your Motherboard also does not support the dual channel memory allocation.
My 8X AGP ASUS Motherboard is date stamped for DEC/12/2002 and was cutting edge when they made it but times change fast so few of you will be able to support dual channel Corsair memory unless you again upgrade the motherboard.

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  1. You can still buy dual channel ram and still run it in single channel. I would go for Kingston on that machine..

    F-DISK-Format-Reinstal DO DA!! DO DA!!
  2. I noticed that you have as your monogram FDISK reinstall.

    Well that made me reply to your post in this manner.

    Are you aware of the FDISK /MBR command. If you are constantly doing an FDSIK then reinstalling windows I can tell you why right now why you could have a potential and hidden nasty problem

    Using FDISK and reformatting your hard drive then reinstalling Windows DOES NOT completely clean the hard drive.
    I will tell you why that is right now. ON ALL HARD DRIVES there is a little control chip it is called a EEPROM or a Electronically Erasable Programmable Rom chip.
    This little chip also contains a MASTER boot record file for the hard drive.
    If you have ever heard of a Virus called a MASTER BOOT RECORD VIRUS well this is where these viruses hide.
    You could do a FDSIK and Format 50000 times and you will never get a FRESH install on any Windows Operating System.
    What you need to do is make a WIN98 boot floppy from a place like
    Now after you do the standard FDSIK remove the old Physical partitions from the hard drive that's the magnetic platters.
    YOU NEED to do a FDISK /MBR what this will do is clean the EEPROM chip controller on the hard drive.
    To do this load up that Win98 floppy and boot the computer and hit F8 until you can select BOOT IN SAFE MODE yep boot the computer off the Win98 Floppy in SAFE MODE make sure the floppy is write protected.
    Now once at a DOS prompt type in FDISK /MBR and let it run after it finishes do it 2 more times.
    Now you have both wiped out the old partitions on the hard drive and cleaned any memory stored in the ROM chip that could contain a Master boot virus.
    Now you can reboot and do a new FDISK. This function works for WIN95, 98 and Windows XP.
    After a FDISK to clean the drive in XP simply use the floppy in safe mode to clean the ROM chip using FDISK /MBR then reboot the system with the Windows XP cd and it will allow you to format in the NTFS file format.
    I tell you this because I hate to think of all the people out in the world that think they are repairing and replacing the Windows operating system simply using FDSIK to clean the hard drive and reload Windows. I know they all feel so good about having a BRAND NEW operating system because they think its bug free when in fact NO it has corrupted files possibly a master boot record virus hidden in the ROM Controller chip on the hard drive.
    DO YOUR FDISK /MBR's guys it will lead you to a fresh clean install.

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  3. I heard a few good things about the nForce boards but I am an old old timer for building computers.
    I like them clean with no onboard anything no Audio no graphics nothing. I like to install PCI and my own AGP cards.
    A motherboard with built in hardware only gets in the road of building a performance machine because you have to disable hardware already present and that can never be a good thing.
    The A7V8X-X The X standing for 8X AGP bus, I currently have only had a hardware Audio device built in and yes I had to disable that so I could use my external Hercules Game Theatre unit powered off a small interface PCI card.

    I had a matched set of Corsair Dual Channel memory in my hand looking at it but knowing that it was for dual channel motherboards I opted for the Kingston set of two 512MB PC 3200X400MHz memory because (a) It was 100 bucks cheaper for the set and (b) Why plunk the 100 bucks more into memory that would not function as it should in a none dual motherboard.

    I do have an Intel System that already has a Dual channel memory Buss but I simply plunked in a single 1 Gig memory chip when I built that one.

    The Dual channels really do not improve the performance as much as most people think you could run two 512MB PC 2700 chips at 333MHz Dual channel in one motherboard and simply 2 matched sticks of None Buffered PC3200 @ 400MHz and the single channel board is going to outperform the dual channel board simply because the ram runs faster.
    So in my case with 1024MB = 1 Gig of PC3200 Kinston ram @400 MHz I am trucking along very nicely and saved myself a 100 bucks.

    »§øЫÑighthåwk™ Don't get mad at the player get mad at the game. Hackers drool and Skill's rule.
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