Retrieving files from external hard drive or pc after moving them.

How do I retrieve music from an external hard drive that was not formatted? Or, how do I retrieve music from my pc after moving it to an unformatted external harddrive. We put a huge file of music from a friend on the computer. We bought an external hard drive to transfer huge file plus other stored music to. As soon as external drive was connected to usb we dragged and dropped music files. When we tried to open external hard drive, I was prompted to format and lose data. Also, when in properties for external drive, drive shows no used storage.
Meanwhile, when music folder was installed to computer, it became apparent file was too big. Upon dropping and dragging file to external hard drive, I tried to clean up computer defragmenting files and emptying recycle bin with shredder. Is all lost?
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  1. You can't move data to an unformatted drive, it won't let you. You did something else. Either the drive was formatted and now has issues, or you just deleted the files without moving them.

    Are you using the same operating system to look at the files as you did when you moved them? If you emptied the recycle bin with a shredder software, anything in there is lost, as is the purpose of those programs. You can try to use a program like Recuva to scan for any file remains to recover off the PC. Although when you work with the drive especially running a defrag, you have a very small chance of it finding anything.
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